Lithos/Pathos is an artistic research project exploring the confluence of the uniquely contemporary geopolitical, social, technological and aesthetic dimensions of Lithium, the rare metal at the epicenter of the clean energy debate. Lithos/Pathos looks at the unique convergence of the neo-colonial urges of the West, Silicon Valley as a sight of far-right and left political overlap, Anthropocene and mining/clean energy technologies, the effects of technocratic optimism, virtual and IRL activist strategies, and the spread of political fiction on social media platforms. Project elements for 2024-25 include documenting not only the physical sites of Lithium mining and processing, but interviewing activists, indigineous peoples, economic stakeholders, conducting visual land surveys, critical analysis of social and political dimensions, but also the aesthetic implications of Lithium.

Lithos/Pathos: Ongoing research, image from residency at Das Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, DE

Logos Liguri documents the agricultural, social and literary history of the Ligurian region of Italy. Logos Liguri combines philosophy, science, and the occult with footage of the region using extra-human vision systems. Created by Davey Whitcraft and Francesco Cassissa.

Logos Liguri: A Metaphysical Debate, 2023. Single channel 4k video. Italian with English Subtitles. Running time 20 minutes. Score Aaron Lepley

The Altogether Now explores the Northern California coastline, proposing an alternative landscape that oscillates between the natural and artificial, transfiguring physical boundaries.

The Altogether Now, 2022. 42 x 74 Inches. Single channel 4k video with stereo audio, 4 Minutes running time.  Score Aaron Lepley.

Metaphysical Supplements I is composed of more than 100,000 frames from a Generative AI trained on landscape images. This work navigates ‘terra non-firma’ and is the outcome of asking an algorythm to ‘daydream’ about landscapes.

Metaphysical Supplements I, 2022. 42 x 74 Inches. Single channel 4k video with 5 Channel audio, 3 Minutes running time. Score Aaron Lepley.

Love Right Now deploys mechanisms that capture ambient sounds from both local wi-fi signals and background radiation from space.

Love Right Now, 2022. Custom hardware, software and LED lighting. Running time 39 Minutes. Sound design and score Aaron Lepley