Davey Whitcraft investigates perception, world-making and notions of the natural through artistic collaborations with synthetic intelligence.

His work excavates the known world in search of the sublime and presents novel visual constructions which reveal the intricacies and nuances of human perception. Whitcraft seeks not to replicate the natural world, but to supplement it by leveraging the infinite possibilities of light, alternative geometries and physical properties afforded by the digital realm.

In his latest solo exhibition, Looking at the Sky, he combines video, photography and custom software to explore abstractions of natural landscapes, sky and sea – revealing a unique mode of native technological creativity.

The video pieces and large scale colorfield works explore a new mode of working with landscape. The works propose a world that operates with different physics, impossible geometries and alternate geo- planetary arrangements. Working with parameters collaboratively created by Whitcraft and a General Adversarial Network (GAN), the results transfigure current physical principles to produce landscape photographs with spherically arranged horizons and mesmerizing video seascapes.

Whitcraft’s work has been included in museums internationally such as Los Angeles MOCA, SFMOMA, LA Architecture + Design Museum, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, Godwin-Ternbach Museum NY, Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia and gallery exhibitions including Themes+Projects, Minnesota Street Projects San Francisco, Subliminal Projects Los Angeles, Rietveld Art Academy Amsterdam, Netherlands, One-Off Moving Image Festival Copenhagen Denmark, Yami-ichi Brussels, Belgium, London West Gallery and the Leap Second Festival, Norway. He is currently working on his doctorate in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought from the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland and holds an MFA from University of California Los Angeles and a BFA from California College of the Arts, San Francisco.

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At Ars Longa, Vita Brevis San Francisco with La Douleur Exquise, 2022